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Shaolin Qigong
Shaolin Qigong
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Shaolin Qigong [少林气功 - Shàolín Qìgōng] is the practice of energy awareness, cultivation, circulation, and development for a fruitful life.


Qigong is a long cyclical journey where one must not rush to learn. Under the careful guidance of your teacher, you'll take your first steps into an expansive realm of learning about qi, what it is, how to feel it, and explore qi in the body through movement. The basic qigong exercises and forms will relax and destress you.
As your understanding grows, you'll gain a unique perspective on 'health' and learn to feel qi energy all over your body - and even around you. You'll begin to understand how 'mental qigong' can be applied to understand the energy in you and around you, and how to manipulate it. With light supplemental theory you'll understand how to use qigong to plan the daily activiites of your life so that you can be physically capable even in your elderly years.
With more advanced qigong practice, you'll be able to develop strong bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments.
Students can apply their qigong experience to enhance their practice with Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Gentle Kung Fu.

Foundation I Class

Qigong Foundation I is about learning basic theory and developing your qigong foundation which includes techniques for breathing, awareness, and relaxing. You'll also lightly work on your flexibility and start with a foundation qigong form called the Eight Brocades [八段錦 - Bāduànjǐn].
You'll learn how to feel 'qi' in the hands and explore that feeling. Other qigong forms you will learn and practice are Láogōng Intention Xīnyì Qigong 勞宮心意气功 and Xuémài Xīnyì Qigong 穴脉心意气功.
The Foundation I Class is a required class, which means you must continue to attend at least 1 Foundation class per week if you want to take more advanced classes. This ensures that you continue to practice and develop your foundation capabilities. This is traditional Shaolin philosophy and perhaps the key reason why the Shaolin arts are considered so effective.

Intermediate Forms II Class

Qigong Intermediate Forms II is a supplemental class to work on more advanced Qigong theory, forms, and applications.
You will learn how to channel and control qi around the body through the blood and meridians. You will learn about different types of qi and how to build your physical self for the longterm.
Some more forms you will learn and practice are Circulation Liúdòng Qigong 流动气功, Small Flooding Xiǎohóng Qigong 小洪气功, Strong Buddha Warrior (Diamond) Dàlìjīngānggōng Qigong 大力金刚功, and Muscle Tendon Strengthening Yìjīnjīng Qigong 易筋經.
You'll also learn self qigong therapy and study TCM-related theories, meridians, and acupoints.