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Shaolin Tai Chi
Shaolin Tai Chi
You are currently viewing the 2022 T1 Winter January to April term, Week #6.
The term runs for 15 weeks from January 03, 2022 to April 17, 2022 with 14 weeks of classes (There is a break week from March 14, 2022 to March 20, 2022).
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6:00 pm
Shaolin Tai Chi
Foundation And Forms I
Shifu Dao Shi
Thousand Student Hall
1:00 pm
Shaolin Tai Chi
Foundation And Forms I
Shifu Dao Shi
Thousand Student Hall and Meditation Hall


Shaolin Tai Chi (also known as Shaolin Gentle Fist Kung Fu) will enrich your spirit through breath and movement. Its soft and flowy movements are similar to Taichi but more dynamic. The human body is designed to move and this class will enhance your blood and energy circulation.
This is one of the greatest secrets in martial arts! Shaolin's Gentle Fist has been around for over 500 years. It is similar to many other forms of Tai Chi except the forms are shorter and easier to learn, and the movements are more dynamic.
Your training plan begins with establishing your foundation for breathing, gentle and smooth movements, flexibility training, light stances, and relatively easy to do core workouts. You'll begin with a form called Eight Stance Gentle Fist Form [八步柔拳 - Bābùróuquán] and eventually progress to a super advanced form called Gentle Fist Form [柔拳 - Róuquán].
Traditionally, flowly and gentle martial movements were practiced by the elder monks to maintain their mental and physical health.
In addition, soft styles of martial arts are considered the highest level of martial arts because it required great discipline to be soft and gentle but quick and reactive.
In time, one could learn how to counter hard strikes through soft defense. It is a paradox best understood through practice.
What you'll be learning in this course are authentic training methods and wisdom passed on from Master to Disciple over the last 1,500 years.

Foundation and Forms I Class

Shaolin Tai Chi Foundation and Forms I (1 hour class) is about training fundamentals that build your flexibility, coordination, fitness, energy, and overall health.
A typical class includes warm up drills, stretching, gentle stance training, cloud hands exercises, gentle foundation kicks, and relaxed self-defence application exercises.
The second half of class include drills for relaxed self-defence application and taolu forms.
This class is designed to make you feel your body flow with movement and lightly work on your cardiovascular endurance. The less muscles you use, the more you breathe, and the more relaxed your are, the higher your level.
Some forms you will learn and practice are Eight Stance Gentle Fist Bābùróuquán 八步柔拳, Cloud Hands Fist Yúnquán 云拳, and Gentle Fist Róuquán 柔拳.
The Foundation I Class is a required class, which means you must continue to attend at least 1 Foundation class per week if you want to take more advanced classes. This ensures that you continue to practice and develop your foundation capabilities. This is traditional Shaolin philosophy and perhaps the key reason why the Shaolin arts are considered so effective.

Weaponry II Class

Shaolin Tai Chi Weaponry II is a smaller class with more focus on weapons forms such as the staff and broadsword.
Students are required to take the Foundation class at least once a week in order to take this class.
Additionally, students must first complete the Cloud Hands Fist Yúnquán 云拳 (level 1) before attending this class.
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