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We have reached 95.4% of our target student base. There are 8 spots left for the 2022 T3 Fall September to December term.

Shaolin Preschool Kung Fu
Shaolin Preschool Kung Fu
You are currently viewing the 2022 T3 Fall September to December term, Week #13.
The term runs for 15 weeks from September 05, 2022 to December 18, 2022 with 14 weeks of classes (There is a break week from October 24, 2022 to October 30, 2022). All days and times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST).
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Nov-28-2022 Nov-29-2022 Nov-30-2022 Dec-01-2022 Dec-02-2022 Dec-03-2022 Dec-04-2022
10:00 am
Shaolin Preschool Kung Fu
Preschool 3 to 5
Instructor Launa Llave
Meditation Hall 禅堂
10:00 am
Shaolin Preschool Kung Fu
Preschool 3 to 5
Instructor Liu-lin Ang
Instructor Chloe Szeto
Meditation Hall 禅堂

Shaolin Preschool Kung Fu [少林幼儿功夫 - Shàolín Yòu'ér Gōngfū] will prepare your child's spirit for kung fu martial arts.


Children who are introduced to Shaolin kung fu martial arts training at a preschool age are more likely to develop the innate desire to become physically fit.
Today, it's too easy and tempting for children to focus one's time on computers and gaming, while the body does not physically develop to its potential.
This class is designed to prepare preschool children for future advancement into the regular kids kung fu classes by making comfortable with our school environment and positive reinforcement.
Preschoolers are motivated through fun animal kung fu games that help them to train their motormechanics, flexibility, and balance. In this way, they'll also be introduced to meditation, stretching, and stance training.
Parents may sit near their child and offer encouragement and support until the child is comfortable participating on their own.
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