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Wudang Five Element Fist Kung Fu
Wudang Five Element Fist Kung Fu
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Authentic Wudang Five Element Fist Kung Fu Toronto Classes

Wudang Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan

Wudang Kung Fu is comprised of a number of martial arts philosophies and styles including, Tai Chi, Animal styles, Bagua, Xingyi and Baji Quan. All of these culminate in the Tai Yi styles.

Tai Yi is a Wudang Martial Arts System related closely to Taiji (aka T’ai Chi) and is part of the Wudang system of Internal Arts. Tai Yi is also known as Liang Yi Quan, which means “Two-Extermes” fist.

In Daoism, it is said that “Taiji is created when combining Yin and Yang. The Two Extremes are created when separating Yin and Yang”. Tai Yi forms contain gentle, slow and soft movements and combine them with fast and strong movements. This allows the practitioner to gather Qi and energy to create strong explosive power called Fajin.

The goal for Tai Yi forms is to allow the practitioner to exhibit lighting fast reflexes and thundering movements. This helps one in a combat or sparring situation by equipping the practitioner with ways to “start late, but reach first”.

The Tai Yi systems are some of the oldest Wudang forms and systems. The modern Tai Yi systems were developed in the Ming Dynasty. In Wudang several Tai Yi forms are taught including:

Tai Yi Xuan Wu Quan

Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan

Tai Yi Xuan Men Jian

The Class

This class will lead to one of the oldest Wudang Tai Yi forms, Wu Xing Quan. We will begin by studying fast Wudang forms such as Wudang Jiben Quan (basic Fist), Fu Hu Quan (Taming the Tiger Fist) and the slower Tai He Quan (Wudang Mountain Fist). They all have elements of Bagua, Xingyi and Baji incorporated into them and will prepare the students for Wu Xing Quan. Wu Xing Quan translates as “Five-Elements Fist”. Ancient Chinese philosophers selected from the material world the five different elements, water, fire, wood, metal, earth and used them to explain how all other things were formed due to their interactions. These interactions allow the elements to harm or help each other when combined in differing ratios.

When Martial Artists developed Five-Element boxing, they used the idea of five-elements interacting to explain the fighting movements and energies in the form. So, instead of five material elements, we have five movements: forward, back, turning to the left, turning to the right, and standing in the middle.

The form is designed to allow the five elements to interact to maximize natural and efficient movement and increase both softness and strength.

The form is gentle like Taiji or Shaolin Rou Quan with some explosive Fajin movements. Wu Xing Quan an advanced long form consisting of about 81 movements. The practitioner will develop internal control through regular practice.

In the class we will work on basic warmup and skills as well as flexibility. We then work on learning the movements of the form and their martial applications. While Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan was developed as a Martial, fighting form, there are many health benefits to its practice. We will cultivate the “Three Treasures”, Qi (Energy), Jing (Essence) and Shen (Spirit) through regular practice, culminating in health and internal awareness improvements.

This is a low-impact system that is suitable for people of any age or experience.


There are no specific prerequisites for this class. It is gentle and suitable for people of any age and ability. Students who have had some experience in Shaolin Gentle Kung Fu and Rou Quan taught here at STQI or have had previous experience in Shaolin or Wudang Qigong classes here at STQI will have an easy transition into the form and a deeper understanding of it’s meanings. Students who have previous experience with Taiji will likewise connect easily with this class. However, no direct experience is required and we will take students from a beginner level deep into this form over time.

The Teacher

David began his training in Chinese Martial Arts in 1987 as a Taiji Student at the “Rising Sun School of T’ai Chi Chuan”, here in Toronto, learning Yang Style Taiji, including taiji sword and taiji staff. In 1990, he began training with Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu after seeing him in the movies, “Shaolin Temple” and “Iron and Silk”. He eventually became Pan Qing Fu’s disciple and learned many Kung Fu styles taught by Pan, such as, Long Fist, Tiger Style, Bagua, XingYi, Taiji as well as Chin Na and Shuai Jiao. Pan had an affinity with weapons and passed on to David training in a number of weapons including; Guan Dao, Pu Dao, Staff, Spear, Straight Sword, Broadsword, Double Broadsword, NanDao, Nine-Section Whip, Three-Section Staff, DaGun, Double Daggers and Long Sword. Alongside Grandmaster Pan, David performed at many tournaments and festivals in Canada, including the opening ceremonies of the Martial Arts Pan Am Games. Grandmaster Pan Qing Fu passed away in July of 2017 and asked David to eventually pass on his “Iron and Silk Kung Fu”. Recently David became a student of Shi Chang Dao and has studied at STQI for two years to begin to learn the ways of Shaolin. David studies Shaolin Kung Fu, Gentle Kung Fu and Shaolin Qigong under the guidance of Master Dao. With coaching from Master Dao, he recently competed with Shaolin Team Canada at the 12th Zhengzhou International Shaolin Wushu Festival in China in Tong Bei Quan and Yin Shou Gun. After the death of his Master, Pan Qing Fu, David now travels to China and stays in the Wudang Mountains with Master Yuan Xiu Gang. During his weeks or months in Wudang he undergoes intensive training and study of Wudang Daoist Traditional Kung Fu, Qigong and Meditation. To date, he has covered empty hand forms, sword forms, other weapons such as Pu Dao and Internal forms such as Tai Yi forms.

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