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COVID-19 UPDATE: We have running backup Virtual Classes for the rest of the term.

How We Are Handling COVID-19
Do your best to protect yourself and the people around you. But do not live in fear and hide. It's no way to live. Do the things you enjoy, be responsible, and be active!

Our Committment to a Safe Environment

We are handling the COVID-19 situation in stage 3 as follows:

1. Clearly stating the rules of our school (see below).

2. Screening for fever and symptoms.

3. Cleaning all training areas, washrooms, and waiting areas on a daily basis.

4. Enforcing COVID-19 rules by all our instructors and reception staff.

5. Modifying our programs to account for social distancing where possible.

6. Requiring EVERYONE to wear a mask at all times while on STQI school premises.

Rules for All Students

Each person must present a breathing mask. We can also provide them for a nominal fee of $1.

Each person may not pass the reception desk without approval by an authorized attendant (i.e. receptionist or designated helper).

Each person must pass a screening process which includes a touchless body temperature scan.

Each person must immediately wash their hands or sanitize upon entering the school.

Any students with a fever or other cold-like symptoms such as sneezing or coughing will not be admitted. Having an allergy is not a valid reason since it cannot be validated.

A breathing mask must be worn at all times while on the school premises, including class, in the lounge, washrooms, and waiting areas.

All staff including reception and instructors must wear a mask at all times.

Floors, washrooms, and common areas are cleaned each day.

The number of students in each class has been capped to allow for social distancing.