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Active Sport Breathing Mask
A breathable, comfortable, and washable mask with replaceable charcoal filter.
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Great for running, sports and martial arts! This comfortable design has a replaceable carbon filter which you can purchase in our online store or at the downtown Toronto school for $2 each (tax included). Filter should be replaced after every 35-40 hours of use. 

For use in hospitals, you will need to remove the plasic vents and block the holes. We recommend you purchase a new filter with the holes blocked and add some tape to secure it. Alternatively, you can insert a nickel coin in each valve to completely block it (it is what we do at our school!).

The mask is washable and reusable (the filter is not). This special design has ear loops and a velcro head strap for comfort. The plastic vent clips are designed to open under extreme exhaling. It will not normally open when speaking, breathing out throught the nose, or breathing out mildly through the mouth.
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