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Wing Chun Classes
Wing Chun kung fu classes for adults and teenagers. Classes are 2 hours in duration and 2 tokens are required for each class.
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Each term has 14 weeks of classes over 4 months:

Winter Term: January to April
Summer Term: May to August
Fall Term: September to December

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As a new student to the Guangzhou Wing Chun led by Sifu Ben Ho, I can attest that it is a style that can accommodate various levels of fitness (anyone can do it!) and enables the student to evolve at their own pace. Also, a good portion of the class is dedicated to the practical application of techniques learned which is great. I’m very satisfied with my experience so far.

- Jean

I have been taking Guangzhou Wing Chun at the Shaolin Temple in Toronto for 2 years. This training has helped improve my concentration, coordination and balance. It has helped me become more mindful, stronger and more confident in my daily life.

It is obvious that the instructor, Ben Ho, has put a lot of thought and expertise into the course structure so that it’s taught in a clear, effective way, which is easy to absorb. It’s also very beneficial receiving Ben’s invaluable individual feedback.

The class is both fun and challenging and it’s great interacting with Ben and fellow students. Ben Ho has a calm and logical method of teaching that truly connected and inspired me. I can’t speak highly enough of this class.

- Maggie

What is Wing Chun?

Wing Chun is a style of Kungfu known for its mathematical and chess-like combat efficiency, and is generally characterized by quick footwork and rapid punches. It is believed that the depth of this martial art originated from Ng Mui (a Buddhist nun associated with the Shaolin temple), whose knowledge was then passed to her female disciple Yim Wing Chun.

Part of practice includes a focus on coordinating breath work with spiral movements which accelerates blood flow to help loosen the spine and joints. As the student becomes more flexible and healthy, this very foundation allows for the possibilities of reaching one’s full physical potential and generating explosive power without exerting a great deal of effort. This is achievable and valuable for students of all body types and sizes.

In addition to training to precise and proper technique, Guangzhou Wing Chun also trains to optimize for total efficiency by using timing, angles, sensitivity and overall awareness.

Meet Your Teacher Ben Ho

Ben Ho was born and raised in Hong Kong and became interested in Martial Arts at an early age. He practiced a variety of styles before committing to the study of Wing Chun after moving to Vancouver, Canada. He was eventually introduced to the Yuen Kay San Guangzhou Wing Chun style and studies under the tutelage of Master Tsui Sui Ming.

Ben was drawn to this specific style of Wing Chun as he found the emphasis on breathing, hip/stance work, and spiral movements (essence of the snake and the crane) to be better suited to his physical conditioning goals and philosophical beliefs.

Watch a Primer by Your Teacher on Wing Chun

Where Do Beginners Start?

Practitioners should always stay physically and mentally relaxed, focus on timing and precision. This way speed and power will definitely develop.

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