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Shaolin Meditation Online Classes
Shaolin Meditation is the ultimate practice for peace in the heart and stillness of the mind. Learn at your convenience with our powerful online learning system at This is also a great way to supplement your in-person training at one of our schools!
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The Starter subscription is PRACTICALLY FREE as it is a tribute to our Shaolin philosophy called Chan. The only reason we need to charge $1 is to ensure you are a real person. We encourage everyone to try it! Your study plan begins with learning the 7 Step Sitting Meditation form and practicing in shorter sessions. Your study plan includes learning about common pitfalls, trying different meditation postures, understanding your progress and goals, and developing the fortitude for longer meditation sessions.

For standard and dedicated subscriptions, minimum renewal is 3 months. There is a 10% discount for yearly subscriptions (automatically applied when selecting your options). 

There is an additional discount of 25% if this is your second online course, and an additional 50% discount if this is your third or fourth online course. These discounts will be applied when you checkout with your cart.

Please choose carefully as we do not offer refunds once you begin your study plan.

Click here to review your subscription options at our website:

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