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Menghai Dayi Chinese Brick Puerh Tea v7562
Menghai Dayi Chinese Brick Puerh Tea v7562
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Also known as a Lose-Weight tea, puerh is an excellent type of tea for oil emulsification properties. In southern China area, such as Canton and Hong Kong, this tea very popular. If you are eating oily foods, consider drinking this tea during the meal.

This tea has the highest amount of caffeine and will keep you alert. It is a great and healthier alternative to coffee because it's effect is much milder than coffee which tends to create shaky hands.

The puerh leaves are fermented and roasted in a special process to accelerate the production. What used to take 5-10 years is now only 2 years. Thanks to Menghai Dayi for inventing this production process and making great tea more accessible! 

This tea has a stronger taste compared to the v7572 Cake Tea. You can add some milk or cream to make the taste milder.

To prepare this tea, break off a small piece and put it in a tea pot with a strainer. Boil water and pour it into the pot. Let it steep 5-10 minutes to get more flavour. As you grow accustomed to the taste, you can add more tea leaves to suit your preference.
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