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Shaolin Adult Kung Fu Classes
Shaolin kung fu classes for adults 14+ years of age. Eligible Shaolin kung fu classes include foundation, taolu forms, and weapons classes. See class description for qualifications. All classes are 1 hour in duration.
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Each term has 14 weeks of classes over 4 months:

Winter Term: January to April
Summer Term: May to August
Fall Term: September to December

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Note: Shaolin class tokens can be used at any participating school and may al

Shaolin Kung Fu [少林功夫 - Shàolín Gōngfū] is the ultimate expression of the human body for physical and mental strength.


Shaolin Kung Fu will enrich your spirit through powerful movements. The human body is designed to move and when we can build strong joints and dense muscles, we achieve a higher level of physical prowess.
Traditionally, Shaolin kung fu was used for martial defence of the temple and also to ensure the monks did not atrophe.
What you'll be learning in this course are authentic training methods and wisdom passed on from Master to Disciple over the last 1,500 years.

Foundation I Class

Shaolin Kung Fu Foundation I (1 hour class) is about training fundamentals that build your flexibility, coordination, fitness and cardio, power, energy, and overall health.
A typical class includes warm up drills, stretching, stance training, foundation kicks, self-defence application exercises, and power training exercises.
This class will tire you out each time as long as you put the effort into it. This makes the class challenging regardless of your level or experience.
The Foundation I Class is a required class, which means you must continue to attend at least 1 Foundation class per week if you want to take more advanced classes. This ensures that you continue to practice and develop your foundation capabilities. This is traditional Shaolin philosophy and perhaps the key reason why the Shaolin arts are considered so effective.

Foundation II Class

Shaolin Kung Fu Foundation II (1 hour class) is a tougher class than Foundation I with fewer breaks and more exercises. It is also suitable for beginners and is recommended for those who really want to push themselves and take their physical fitness to another level.
Students can interchange between Foundation I and II depending on how they feel during the week. For example, a student may try Foundation II earlier in the week and then Foundation I the day after to pace out their training.
You should come to this class expecting to get exhausted so be sure to put a good effort in!

Intermediate Forms II Class

Shaolin Kung Fu Intermediate Forms II (1 hour class) focuses on taolu forms as well as self-defence exercises that enhance them.
Students are required to take the Foundation I or II at least once a week in order to take this class.
Some of the taolu forms you learn are progressive, which means you will need to pass a test before moving on to another form. Each taolu form also has 4 tiers of expertise so that students will have a clear understanding of where they are at. Your teacher will coach you on how to get to the next level.
Some forms you will learn and practice are Five Stance Fist Wǔbùquán 五步拳, Through the Arms Fist Tōngbìquán 通臂拳, Small Flooding Fist Xiǎohóngquán 小洪拳, Big Flooding Fist Dàhóngquán 大洪拳, and Seven Star Fist Qīxīngquan 七星拳.
You will also be able to advance and learn weapons forms such as cudgel / staff Yīnshǒugùn 阴手棍 and Plum Blossom Broadsword Méihuādāo 梅花刀.

Weaponry III Class

Shaolin Kung Fu Weaponry II is a smaller class with more focus on weapons forms such as the staff and broadsword.
Students are required to take the Foundation I or II at least once a week in order to take this class.
Additionally, students must first complete the Yīnshǒugùn form (level 1) before attending this class.

Sanda Chinese Boxing III Class

[This class is curently merged with the Weaponry II class until we have more attendance]
Shaolin Kung Fu Sanda II focuses on the training methods of Chinese Boxing.
Students are required to take the Foundation I or II at least once a week in order to take this class.
Additionally, students must have completed the Yīnshǒugùn form (level 1). This ensures a certain level of competency and experience.
All students are required to have proper sanda equipment which is also sold in limited supply at our school.
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