Chrysanthemum Infusion Tea 5g Packet


Above: Chrysanthemum flowers shown dried on left and after infusion on right.

Sold in a sealed 5g packet to ensure freshness and longer storage.

Chrysanthemum is the perfect infusion tea for relaxation. It has anti-acidic properties which helps to soothe discomfort from acidic buildup in the body or stomach. It is also known for reducing high blood pressure and has antibacterial properties. There is no caffeine and can be drunk anytime of the day, during meals, and is especially great for the evening before bedtime. This drink is relatively easy to prepare and can be steeped multiple times for continued enjoyment. We recommend this tea for our students at STQI Toronto who want cooling benefits from intense training.


Product Description

Chinese Name

菊花茶 Jú Huā Chá

The Senses

Very pleasing, slightly sweet, and aromatic taste.


Cooling effects
Blood pressure reduction

Pairings & Enhancements

We recommend:
• Adding Goji Berries and/or Dried Plum for flavouring and additional health benefits
• Goes well sweet desserts and chocolate

Goji Berries

Goji berries have long been used for traditional Chinese medicine as well as in culinary arts. It has been found to promote mental well-being, calmness, athletic performance, and quality of sleep.


Chrysanthemum is easy to prepare. Simply add a few buds to a flask or pot and add boiling water. Steep for 1-2 minutes. It may be steeped several times before the taste fades.


Glass jar and pitcher with strainer. Candle burner or warmer is recommended to keep tea warm.


Chrysanthemum is hand picked for higher quality flowers and then lightly dried and packaged to retain its freshness.


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