Menghai Tae Tae Puerh Cake v7572 (357g)


Above: Puerh shown dried on left and after infusion on right.

This puerh provide a smoother taste than its v7562 brother and has been carefully crafted to reproduce a 20-year fermentation process.  It is manufactured and produced by Menghai, the inventor of this cultivation process.

About Puerh:

Puerh is particularly famous in the southern provinces of China and well known for regulating the digestive system and eliminating bad breath. It breaks down oils and fats thus an ideal tea for losing weight. Puerh also has the highest caffeine levels and is best enjoyed in the morning and for lunch. Puerh is easy to prepare and convenient to put in an insulated flask for all day enjoyment. The colour varies from brown to black depending on desired intensity.


Product Description

Chinese Name

普洱茶 Pǔ Ěr Chá

The Senses

Puerh has a different taste depending on the technique of production and the age, and is
typically described as an earthy taste a subtle earthy aroma. This tea is generally more
enjoyed for its beneficial properties than for the pleasure of the senses.


‘Soft caffeine’
Dispels hunger
Regulates digestive
Convenient preparation
Eliminates bad breath

Pairings and Enhancements

To fully enjoy puerh, we recommend starting your morning early with puerh tea and without food for the first 15-20 minutes. This gives your body and digestive system time to activate and flow. For breakfast or lunch, this tea goes well with hard boiled
eggs, dry, and oily foods. Puerh will also pair well with light to medium sweet snacks
such as donuts and muffins. It goes particularly well with dark chocolate.


Put tea leaves into a pot and steep for 3-5 minutes in boiling water. Then pour it into another container. If it is too intense you can add boiling water to dilute it (or to make it warm again). For convenience of all day drinking, pour it immediately into a vacuum flask and then repeat again a couple of times. You may also use the Shaolin Tea Ceremony process to slowly enjoy subtle flavours of puerh.


Glass pots and pitchers and a vacuum flask for those wanting on-the-go, OR a traditional tea set with clay pot dedicated to heavily roasted and fermented teas.


The tea leaves are pan fried to get a dark colour and to prevent oxidation. Ripe puerh uses a special fermentation process in a warm and humid environment to create unique flavours. The tea leaves are then compressed and packaged in brick or cake form for easier storage and handling. Ripe puerh simulates the aging process of raw puerh, so that the same beneficial and flavouring properties can be accomplished in a few years instead of 20 or 30 years.

Additional information

Weight .36 kg
Dimensions 19 × 19 × 1.5 cm


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